Political Awakening is a *Certified Trump Influencer™ company dedicated to putting fun novelty gear into the hands of Red Pillers, President Trump fans, and Patriots. All of our gear is Made in the USA. Buy your gear here. Take our gear to Trump rallies.  Catch us at Trump rallies across the country. Buy our gear to have some fun!  Wear our gear to support President Donald Trump! Political Awakening is partnering with PollipopCo to bring you the best Trump 2020 Products on the market.

Our Mission: The media will have you believe that Americans on either side of the political spectrum are fundamentally different people. At PollipopCo, we have a more nuanced perspective on things. Every American wants to see our country progress in its pursuit of freedom, justice, and prosperity. The disagreement lies in what path we should take to achieve those goals. Everything is politics, but instead of letting it divide us, we seek to provide an outlet for laughter and individual expression.

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Trump 2020 Products

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