The mission of Political Awakening is to provide a unique new social media platform that seeks to encourage mass public participation in American politics.  Political Awakening provides an easy structure through which all voices can be heard and counted, with the goal of restoring the foundation of our republic. We believe ALL voices are important, giving each side of current political issues equal representation.  Our method, will in turn, give participants a powerful voice by ordering product(s) aligned with their views, and we will launch those voices directly to the offices of those the public demands to listen. The public will no longer be ignored! The true majority will force a return to politics that will heed to the majority.

Political Awakening counts participating voices on the political issues, and keeps a current tally below with the total count of items sent to elected officials, candidates hoping to hold onto or gain a seat, influential media individuals, and others the public expects to listen; the counts are based upon orders receivedThe totals, listed in-front of  “VOICES HEARD”, next to each product, reflect those participant’s voices on each political issue.  Participate, engage, reinvigorate American politics. Let’s find out which side holds the majority; the truth is the numbers!  Remember, you have a voice! Do not be ignored! Monthly totals will be blasted across social media platforms and to those who Join the Movement!


At last, voices are being heard about the issues today.
Join the movement – YOU have a voice, do not be ignored.


Which side do you support?  Do you support building a wall along our southern border?  Do you support open borders? Demand a solution to immigration policies by taking action!  Choose a brick that aligns with your position and represents your voice and add it to your cart.
Build The Wall Brick
Build The Wall Red Brick
24194 Voices Heard
No Wall Brick
No Ban No Wall Blue Brick
20679 Voices Heard


Do you believe in the re-establishment of free market healthcare, that big gov sucks?  Do you believe that the government should provide universal healthcare because healthcare is a human right?  Which side do you support?  Take action!  Choose one of the Rx bottles with the label that aligns with your position and represents your voice.  The time to speak up is now!  Regardless of side, each RX bottle brings attention to the current Opioid Epidemic America faces today.
Free Market Healthcare
7097 Voices Heard
National/Universal Healthcare
6104 Voices Heard

Not sure where you stand on an issue? Review latest news, leave your comments, begin a discussion at the bottom of the article. Or click discussions tab!

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