All You Need For Nov 2018

If you need to find out who represents you, what district you live in, who the November 2018 incumbents and challengers are for all campaigns, and other pertinent political information you may need to know, locate the tab Resources and click on the drop down titled “All You Need For Nov 2018“.  Customers are not limited to how many or who hears their voice! In fact, we encourage customers to allow us to facilitate their voice loud and clear to as many holding the power to change legislation, seeking public office, make new laws, influence public perception, educate, holding positions of power in government, corporate, for-profit and non-profit organizations. The more voices heard returns the balance of power back to where it belongs- to the people.  Join the movement now!

Does contacting legislators and others really make a difference?

No! Many media outlets, political groups, political organizations, and activists will tell you that every call counts and if enough people would just call!  Have they will heard your message?  Have you seen results?  It simply isn’t effective. Even Apps promising delivery of your message(s) to speak out on the issues that matter most to you, some using generic scripted messages, are not effective. Why? The reason phone calls are no longer effective is because most of the time, politicians intentionally leave their voicemail at full capacity, rendering your voice useless! Making phone calls or having another make calls for you are generally never received by your intended designee.  Even using social media to send a message are ignored.  Have your Tweets been answered or ignored? This is an election year with those fighting to hang onto their seats!  You will be heard and counted using this new form of protest- take the fight to them and we demand they listen.

Does Political Awakening have a political affiliation or ideology?

The Political Awakening has no affiliation with any political party, nor any ties to political organizations. No money is taken from or donated to partisan causes. The Political Awakening maintains a non-partisan stance, offering products/services for ALL voices. The Political Awakening has the ideology that ALL voices should be heard and that conventional methods of communication are out dated. Communication using social media like Twitter and others has become a long winded gossip column, an open forum where your voice gets lost amongst the millions of daily Tweets and posts. We use the traditional, old-fashioned, mail delivery system! We send products designed to encompass your views and launch your voice right onto the desks of those you demand to listen!

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment through PayPal, which allows you to pay with a credit card or your PayPal account.

How do you charge for shipping?

All items are shipped from our US warehouse, and shipping is charged by a flat rate by weight of package. Larger, heavier items will cost more to ship than smaller, lighter weight items. Grouping items together will lower your per-item costs for shipping.

Does Political Awakening make a difference?

Absolutely! Form your opinion by imagining hundreds of thousands of voices, using items as their voice platform that physically land on the desks of all elected officials. Each politician, candidate, group, organization that receives your item will CLEARLY GET THE MESSAGE and your voice will be heard. They will know the message is for them, without question, and finally understand your paying attention, ready to hold them accountable.

Will my order arrive well packaged?

Yes! Your package will be very well packaged and will be sent with all the necessary care 😉

Can I make my message private?

The Political Awakening believes your voice should be heard and can be heard anonymously as well. If you chose not to include your information with the product shipped, we will only include details that you designate. If you choose to remain anonymous, we send the product and your message with our contact information on your behalf. We do not share your personal information with other sources.

The Political Awakening will use our Twitter handle and publicly tweet a picture of the item you order and what it represents to the intended receiver’s Twitter handle. Every time a package is shipped, the intended recipient receives a Tweet as well.