How It Works


Using Political Awakening allows you to have a powerful voice utilizing a new form of protest to participate in politics. We facilitate your voice directly to the person(s) you stipulate in a unique, effective, and dynamic way.  You can now protest from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.  Using Political Awakening guarantees those you want to listen get the message personally, ensuring you aren’t ignored.

First, you visit The Issues and browse the current politically charged topics.

Second, YOU determine what issue(s) are important to you and embody your viewpoints on the topics.

Third, you SELECT an item(s) that will represent YOUR VOICE and add the product(s) to your shopping cart.

Fourth, checkout. Remember, YOU get to choose who hears YOUR VOICE.  We ensure your item(s) hit the hands of those you demand to listen!  Each time an item is ordered, the number of VOICES HEARD next to the item will cause the counter to rise.  You will be able to view ALL voices.  Which stance will hold the majority?

                                                  You are but one voice, but there are many.  Do Not Be Ignored!

* Use the Discussions Tab at the top and the Daily Feeds from various sources at the bottom of the home page to create dialogue with others expressing your position for the purpose of civil debate or sharing with others.

* Find out who is running in November 2018, what District you live, and other information is provided under the Resources tab to locate Who’s running Nov. 2018.  We do not endorse the website provided on ballotpedia or claim all information is factual.  We encourage all to fact check for personal satisfaction.  Politically charged issues will be ongoing- Political Awakening does not end after the November 2018 elections.

* The issues remain until resolved.  Issues will be added when topics arise.  Current issues coming soon- Abortion, 2nd Amendment, and Education.

* You are not limited to how many items you send to a specific person/organization.

The impact of numbers is enormous!  By allowing Political Awakening to facilitate your voice, you get to participate in a new form of protest that ensures the issues are represented by those who use their voice.  Gone will be the days of slanted media surveys or what claim to be independent surveys.  The goal of Political Awakening is to ensure all voices are heard and are counted.

                                                                       Heed to the majority, even if supporters differ.